We offer assistance to ambitious candidates in seeking opportunities to undertake meaningful and rewarding internship and job placements after or during education qualifications.
We ensure one gains valuable professional work experience through our endeavours to liaise with World Class organizations who offer inspiring culture, dynamic environment and great teams to work with. Our objective is to help our clients work on projects of interest, get for them right kind level of exposure and early responsibility in developing and applying skills and solutions that matter, and for them to become contributing team members right from the start.



Job placement

We work with ‘A’ level organizations and are in constant liaise with their Human Resources departments for current and future openings in world class organizations for their various functional areas.
We provide job placement services by being a bridge between the candidate and the organization. We have a well-developed client database which we also share with industry professionals for leads in niche job areas.


placement services

We also help providing internship placements which are moderated, supervised and assessed periodically.

We also assist in providing recommendation and referral letters, and later in preparing statements on learning achieved during internship projects. These will typically include statements on appraisal, review, feedback and learning achieved, competencies and skills developed during the Internship program.To appraise the candidates work during internship we work with direct coordination with a Field Supervisor from the internship organization, and develop inputs based on feedback and recommendations for our clients.

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