The role of the mentor is that of a consultant and counselor to guide the mentee through a professional road map and towards making the right career choices and improving individual performance, where the mentee can learn and grow under proper guidance from the mentor.
Simply, in mentorship, “a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person”. Here the mentor allows the client, the mentee, to tap into existing knowl-edge, skills, and experience of the mentor in order to advance their career goals.

Mentee can discuss short, medium- and long-term goals through which one can strategically plan steps and create action plans for career objectives.

The mentee may find new perspectives through question and answer sessions which can be helpful for career planning and solving problems.

A good mentor helps align responsibilities to one’s career goals. The mentor identifies the mentee’s strengths and limitations and helps define a road map for professional

The mentor shares vast professional experience and insights on best practices at workplaces, organizational culture, norms and protocols.


We provide mentorship sessions as a series of individual meetings with periodic progress review and post-mentorship monitoring sessions. Our program can be tailored to mentee’s needs and may include coaching with focus on personal development and professional growth.