What is a Resume?

Your resume will be a well-presented summary of all of your strongest claims to the job you are applying for. It will be a document used as part of your job application and will be tailored to be brief. It would serve to give your potential employer a concise and targeted overview of your relevant academic and career achievements.

It will reflect your core strengths and relevant work history, achieved through proper editing and arranging of relevant information, to catch the eye of your potential employer as quickly as possible.

Resume vs CV

A Resume is a natural fit to requirements of a young professional or a Graduate while an actual Curriculum Vitae is a much longer and more detailed document which attempts to outline everything one has ever done in career, whether relevant to one particular job application or not.

CVs are generally used extensively in academia to list every appointment held, every research post, every academic publication, every academic presentation/ speaking engagement etc. These mainly contain only facts and lists of information, whereas a resume can be a more ‘persuasive’ document with information summarized and rearranged based on the needs to target specific types of jobs.

What is a Learning Achieved document?

This document helps you discuss what you have learned from your previous projects, how the work experience has positively impacted on your professional skills and the new skill sets and competencies you have developed over time. The listing informs the hiring team of how you intend to use the acquired knowledge to increase productivity and facilitate efficient service delivery, and this will ensure your competence is noted and considered.

We assure proficient writing for you which discusses your work experience in a quantifiable and professional manner which would enable recruiters to see the highlights of your successes in previous roles.

Why is LinkedIn Profile Set-up important?

With increasingly more companies and recruiters turning to LinkedIn as a source for finding and assessing candidates, the LinkedIn profile has become a critical tool for job searchers. While your Resume will provide detailed information of your qualifications and work history, a strong LinkedIn profile will give a potential employer an easily-found, concise representation of your education, experience, skill set and competencies.

As part of our ‘Profile set-up’, specific keywords will be input and associated with your profile which will attract recruiters as these will match relevant information generally used by them to search for potential candidates.

What is ATS ?

ATS or and an applicant tracking system is a software application which handles recruitment and hiring. It helps companies organize information on candidates based on qualifications, skill sets, competencies and work experience.

It simplifies recruiting process by using AI -Automated Intelligence by screening and shortlisting best matches to job specific requirements. As HR departments in global organizations attract hundreds and thousands of candidates, the system rides on efficiency, effectivity and saves on time by matching key words in the texts.